Fireworks 2020 is all about new beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Welcome to my blog! A place where we will ring in the new year with new beginnings with a lot of exciting things planned for 2020.

This blog is a manifestation of many years of thoughts, considerations, and overall indecisiveness of whether to do this. However, with 2020 here I decided that it was to be now or never. Therefore, I wanted to do something that combined all aspects of my life into one important hub, which I hope will inspire people.

This idea of this blog is to combine all things that I find interesting and honestly, what some might not find mutually exclusive – that is tech, games, and glamour. Why these three categories? My answer is why not? I live and work within the world of academia where my main focuses center in the world of technology and engineering – ergo tech. My background, and current projects are built upon a foundation of games (including gamification) – therefore games; and lastly glamour, because who doesn’t like to get dressed up and feel good?


In a more deeper note, I personally feel that many of influencers online focus or target one domain. The beauty community, for example, appears to target MUAs and those who are into adventurous makeup looks, with reviews and suggestions for trending looks. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these looks and have learned so much over the years about makeup. However, for those of us who travel for work or work long hours many of these suggestions and recommendations don’t exactly align with our lifestyles. The same for tech and games. Technology can be a confusing world, especially for those who are not actively engaging with it on a daily basis. Therefore, where should you begin? To this end, I hope to give suggestions for tech in all forms. Especially, tech that I can personally recommend and which makes life easier. Lastly, when it comes to games, everything is on the table. Whether you want to gamify your classroom or looking for suggestions on games that have educational potential, it will be here. I will write about my experiences and share advice on how to approach game design within many contexts.

With this said, the blog will be an amalgamation of all things work and lifestyle. Why? – because the life of an academic is never within ordinary work hours and believe it or not, we too like to keep up with the latest trends. So whether you’re looking for recommendations for tech (hardware, software, etc), interested in using games within your classroom, or simply want some inspiration for what to wear or what to pack for a conference (and some money saving tips), then you have come to the right place.

Looking forward to going on this adventure in 2020 and beyond.

See you around and keep in touch

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